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From time to time everyone has a problem with their animal’s behaviour and may need or choose to have help to overcome it. There are a range of behaviour problems which may or may not be severe dependant on a range of circumstances. This category covers problems from aggression (human or animal) to having accidents in the house.

There are a number of reasons why animals develop problems, Katey can help with any issues you may be having, without any judgement. However if you are suffering with a problem you will have to be able and willing to put in the vital time that will be needed to turn the situation around.

Enquires are welcomed from owners, however in all cases it is highly recommended that you seek a Veterinary examination prior to a behaviour consultation. Subsequently, your Veterinary Surgeon is encouraged to forward a referral form regarding your pet.


Once you have booked and paid for your session/s you will be navigated to a page where you can access a behaviour questionnaire and instructions which you need to read.

Behaviour Questionnaire.

You will need to  send the completed questionnaire back to us prior to your appointment so we can familiarise ourselves with your individual situation.


Assessment is 1.5 hours in length for extensive behaviour. Sessions can be carried out at your home during the week (during the day), or at St.Olaves village hall at weekends. Check the diary page for appointment slots.

Behaviour Reports

From assessment an individual behaviour report is written containing an overview of the issues, comprehensive information, and a treatment plan. On assessment you will also be left with some tasks to carry out. You will receive your report at your first follow up appointment approximately 2 weeks after assessment.

How many follow ups will I need?

This varies from case to case but to ensure your treatment is going in the right direction, 3 follow up sessions is a good amount. Some cases may need more than this or after a plan has been implemented and followed you may be able to join training classes.

If your dog has human aggression directed at strangers please book an appointment at St.Olaves hall, not a home visit. It is also your responsibility to disclose this prior to making your appointment for the safety of the instructor.   

Extensive Behaviour

If you have one or more behaviour issues this is the service you need, for example dog-to-dog aggression and issues with noises. If you are unsure please see the HELP chart at the bottom of the page.

Specific Dog Behaviour

This is for dogs displaying ONLY dog-to-dog. This is only for this behaviour issue, if your dog has reactivity to other dogs plus other behaviour issues such as guarding, human reactivity or separation related issues (for example) please select extensive behaviour.

Proactive Paws courses are for dogs with mild-moderate dog-to-dog related issues, scroll to the bottom for the link for more information

Methods used and B.A.T

A scientific approach to training which believes in Force Free training. All methods used are backed up by current scientific research (read more on the ethos page).You will not find ‘pack leadership’ forced on you or ‘dominance’ theory’s. That is the old school outdated method that ultimately leads to further problems within your relationship with your dog.These methods when used with a behaviour problem deepen the issue and cause further fears and anxiety’s. We believe that counter conditioning and desensitisation along with some other methods are the only way forward.Also used is a method called Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) and Katey is proud to be the first and only certified instructor in the East of England.

Visit this page for more information https://kateyaldred.co.uk/methodsandbat.html



There are many different symptoms of behaviour issues. If you are experiencing a behaviour issue with your dog, or multiple behaviour issues the extensive behaviour service is for you.

The extensive service will unravel the complexity of the issue you are having.

Your problems will be assessed, and you will be provided with a behaviour modification plan which includes step by step instructions.

You will receive 12 weeks on going support after your last appointment, plus access to a members only area.


  •  Aggression
  • Guarding
  • Separation Related Issues
  • Scared of loud noises
  • Anxiety
  • Doesn’t like to be touched
  • Excessive barking
  • Scared of people
  • Chasing
  • Destruction

This list is exhaustive, you may experience a problem which isn’t listed, Katey can still help.


Assessment & Report: £180

Follow up appointments: £90

Full Behaviour Package 20% Discount: £360.00 (assessment plus 3x follow ups)

Half Behaviour Package 10% Discount: £243.00 (assessment plus 1x follow up)

Discounts available for continuing clients.

All behaviour services are booked in advanced to secure an appointment


Please view the diary to check availability

Weekend session are carried out at St.Olaves village hall only.

Weekday sessions home visits available or at St.Olaves hall.

All behaviour appointments are approximately 1.5 hours in duration.

There is a travel fee for home visits outside NR31 area.

Please view the map for guidance on travel fee’s.