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A  scientific approach to training which believes in Force Free training. All methods used are backed up by current scientific research (read more on the ethos page).

You will not find ‘pack leadership’ forced on you or ‘dominance’ theory’s. That is the old school outdated method that ultimately leads to further problems within your relationship with your dog.

These methods when used with a behaviour problem deepen the issue and cause further fears and anxiety’s. We believe that counter conditioning and desensitisation along with some other methods are the only way forward.

Also used is a method called Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) and Katey is proud to be the first and only certified instructor in the East of England.


Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) is a training method for dogs who experience fear, frustration, and aggression.

What Grisha Stewart says: “BAT empowers animals to live with confidence and joy among humans.”

BAT was developed by Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT-KA, who began sharing BAT with the world in 2009, with continuous updates and some excellent new material for 2014.

BAT is a living method that evolves as new research and its positive practical applications are explored, developed and verified. The core of BAT is that it is a dog-friendly application of desensitisation with a giant dose of empowerment to the dog. Giving dogs a high degree of control over what happens to them is important for humane care and is what sets BAT apart from other training techniques.

By setting up situations in which dogs can safely explore the environment and investigate other dogs, people, etc., BAT helps dogs learn to control their own comfort level through peaceful means.

Katey & her group of attendees at the 5 days instructor course with Grisha Stewart February 2014.


BAT is worked into most of our behaviour programs. It can be used solely on its own, if for example there is only the problem of aggression or frustration, but often there are quite a few elements to a behaviour problem.

Katey will teach you the necessary skills to apply lead work, manage your environment, deal with hazards and apply training. You will learn how to arrange set ups, and apply NINJA BAT (one of our favourite sayings, thanks Grisha).

Katey has attended both the 2 day seminar and the 5 day workshop both run by Grisha Stewart. Attending these courses meant valuable skills were learnt, much more than can be learnt from any book!

BAT can also be applied to most training situations and applied during puppy training.

Take a look at the testimonials to see what owners say!


“Katey noticed Austin had an issue with touching around his neck which we needed to work on, as well as some fear of visiting the vets. Katey showed us how to apply Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT), which helped him overcome this……………I like to think that today Austin is a well socialised, confident dog and these classes have been a huge part of that, so thank you very much! I would 100% recommend these classes to anyone regardless of the age of their dog, Katey's insight into dog behaviour is worth the fee in its own right.”

“Katey's knowledge, skills and passion for the job is inspirational and I more than happy to continue to recommend her to my dog friends, thank you Katey!”

“We gave Buster and Maisie a 'forever' home from an animal rescue centre, Buster showed signs of serious aggression. We decided to give Katey a call!

She gave us some realistic and sound advice and showed us how to undertake clicker training with both dogs. This helped us build a bond with the dogs and they loved it. The training also increased their response to our commands in the home and noticed some improvements with Buster during his walk, where he became more engaging, plus utilised BAT methods.

We were able to implement what we had learnt during each walk and have noticed significant improvements in Buster's presentation before and during the walk, he now gets excited about 'walkies' rather than anxious and calmer during the walk taking more notice of his surroundings. he big change is now when he sees a dog we can get his attention and divert him away from the dog and back to his walk. Around the home he is much more confident, no longer scared of the hoover or hair dryer.

Katey gave us her time and patience working with Buster in both a controlled, safe environment and out in the community. Katey's knowledge, skills and passion for the job is inspirational and I more than happy to continue to recommend her to my dog friends, thank you Katey!”